Oral Guidelines

The lecture theatre includes an LCD projector, screen and PC. If you require any additional equipment, email priscilla.lim@iop.org. Presenters are asked to prepare their presentations to match the time allocated in the programme as these will be strictly enforced by the conference chairs.

Presentations should be structured to include an introduction, the main content and conclusions. Visual aids (e.g. maps, charts etc) can be used but you are advised to keep the information simple, use colour and contrast for emphasis and use a large enough font (minimum 15 point) to ensure legibility.

Please bring your presentation to the conference on a USB memory stick and load it onto the PC located in the lecture theatre no later than the start of the session in which you are speaking. Please save your file as your surname and initial in the appropriate folder on the desktop. 

Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline [EXTENDED]: 
    30 April 2018
  • Early registration deadline [EXTENDED]:
    4 June 2018
  • Exhibitor deadline:
    4 June 2018
  • Registration deadline [EXTENDED]:
    29 June 2018

Latest news

  • There has been recent news of fraudulent activity in relation to this conference. For more information please click here. (17.05.2018)
  • A provisional overview of the programme is now available online (06.06.2018)
  • The full programme, abstract book and handbook is now available online (03.07.2018)